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Pricing your business

We work with you to price your business for sale. For each of our listings we provide a market analysis where we look at several factors that go into pricing your business. Of course at the end of the process it is your the business owner who sets the listing price. We provide guidance to make sure your business is priced appropriately. 

Factors in pricing a business

When we're pricing your business we look at several factors. These include:

Cash Flow: Cash flow is how much money your business makes for you in terms of salary, profits and discretionary spending. We use an industry formal to "recast" your books in a transparent way to reflect that full cash flow that would be available to a buyer. 

Total Sales: Total sales are your top line income from your business operations. For restaurants and lodging this does not include your meals and rooms taxes.

Value of your Equipment, Furniture and Fixture: There is value in your assets. 

Fit-up: There is value in the leasehold improvements you have made to your space even if you rent it. 

Lease: Lease terms can affect the value of a business

Inventory: Even though inventory is almost always added to your listed business sale price because it effects total sale price we need to include it in our analysis.

Market Comparison: We look at similar businesses and how much they have sold for and how much they are listed for.

Rule of Thumb: We use a computer program to determine your businesses rule of thumb multiple. This tells us what your type of business should sell for.


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Office Owner


office owner

From his work in publishing, printing, distribution and marketing Jody has the kind of broad business experience that makes him an excellent business broker. Not only does he know his way around a profit and loss statement but he understands people and how to put deals together. He and his team will be with you all the way through the deal. 



McGill University, Montreal
BA, 1996


Activities & Affiliations

• Trustee Granite YMCA
• Former President Queen City Rotary Club, Manchester (current member)
• Former President Manchester Crimeline (current board member)



Team Members

Office Manager
Debby McGrath •Debby brings over 40 years of experience in all aspects of small business operation. Debby spent many years in the real estate industry while living in North Carolina. She was a broker-in-charge for a commercial realtor who sold the ‘brick and mortar’ of the business. Debby is please to be on the other side of commercial real estate; working toward the purchase/sale of a business. She works with Jody and the rest of the team to make the selling and buying process as easy as possible.

Douglass Ladd • Doug years of experience working with business owners and as a real estate broker. He mostly works in the Seacoast region with a focus on Dover and Rochester. 

Josh Auger • Josh has years of experience working with small business owners and focuses on the Capital region. 

Tony Canzano • Tony is a veteran small business owner with more than 40 year experience. He focuses on the Derry/Londonderry, Salem and Exeter areas. 

Pat Clark •Pat is a business broker and licensed Real Estate Broker. Pat has spent over 30 years in the High Technology industry. He assisted in with multiple mergers and acquisitions. He was also a General Partner in a venture capital group. Pat’s area of focus is Nashua and point west.

Mike Lambert •